How To Perform a Bicycle Bunnyhop

The bunnyhop is a fun trick that allows you come completely off the ground while remaining on your bike. It might look scary and intimidating to some, but it’s actually quite easy and safe to do. With that said, you should always wear a helmet anytime you want to practice a bunnyhop.

What is a Bunnyhop?

Chances are you’ve seen a bicycle bunnyhope, whether in person or on TV. BMX riders frequently perform them to gain access to rails and other obstacles. A bunnyhop involves the rider “hopping” his front tire off the ground followed by his rear tire. This results in the rider and his or her bike gaining air for a few short seconds.

Difficulty Level of The Bunnyhop

Contrary to what many beginners think, the bunnyhop is actually one of the easiest tricks to learn. Once you have it down, you can then try to tackle some more complex and difficult tricks.

Steps Performing a Bicycle Bunnyhop

After you’re geared up in a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads, hop on your bike and start pedaling on a level surface. You don’t have to go fast but you need to some sort of momentum, otherwise you’ll simply fall over. Now, stand up on your bike, lean back and pull the front end of your bike up like you’re performing a wheelie. While your front tire is up in the air, immediately shift your body weight in the opposite direction (front) and use your feet to press the pedals backwards so the rear end of your bike goes up as well.

Tips To Remember For Bicycle Bunnyhop

Try not to lean too far backwards when you’re initially pulling up the front tire of your bicycle, as you could inadvertently fall off. Go slow at first to learn the basic of balancing your weight and finding the “sweet spot” where you don’t fall off. In the event that you do fall off, which you will when first learning the ropes, a helmet and knee pads will help protect you.

You can perform a bunnyhop on just about any type of bike, but BMX style bikes are easier. They’re smaller, more compact and built for performing tricks such as bunny hops. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a BMX bike just for bunnyhopping, though. Spend a half hour or so practicing with your bike to see if you’re able to successfully perform a bunnyhop.