How To Perform a Bicycle Wheelie

Want to know how to perform a wheelie on a bicycle? It’s a complex trick that experienced riders make look easy. The truth is that it takes a mixture of balance, skill and experience to successfully pull off a wheelie. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to do one yet, as we’re about to go over the exact steps necessary to perform a wheelie.

Where To Perform a Wheelie

Until you’re experienced and and comfortable them, only do wheelies on closed-off areas such as your driveway or garage. Performing them on the road can be dangerous and simply isn’t worth taking the unnecessary risk. You can also perform them in closed off parking lots as long as you aren’t breaking any trespassing laws.

What You’ll Need

In addition to a suitable bike, you should always wear a helmet when performing a wheelie. It’s all too common for beginners to lose their balance and fall completely backwards during the process. Without a helmet, you risk serious injury to your neck and head. In addition to a helmet, you may also want to wear elbow and knee pads. Hopefully you wont need them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You can perform a wheelie on just about any type of bike, but I’ve found that BMX-style bikes are far easier to perform them on. Their compact size and built-in shocks give you the greater control and maneuverability while performing a wheelie. In addition, you can hop off of them more easily in the event that you lose control or start falling backwards.

Getting Started…

After you’ve geared up in a helmet and necessary safety pads, hop on your bike and start increasing your speed to a slow but steady pace. If you’re on a BMX bike, you’ll want to stand up on the pedals, pull back on the handlebars until the front tire lifts off the ground, and continue peddling. If it’s done right, your bike will continue riding even after the front tire comes off the ground. When you’re ready to go faster, drop the tire back down and start peddling faster again.

Balance Your Weight

You’ll quickly learn that successfully performing a wheelie is all about balancing your weight. If you aren’t able to balance your weight, you either wont come off the ground or you’ll go completely backwards. Either way, you aren’t performing a wheelie. Learn to find that happy medium where you can continue riding with only one rear wheel on the ground.