How To Teach Your Child To Ride a Bike

Is your child eager to learn how to ride a bike? Teaching them the skills necessary to ride will allow them to enjoy everything this rewarding hobby has to offer, but there are certain basic steps you must follow to ensure their safety and help their learning process.

What Age Should To Start?

There’s no set age for teaching a child how to ride a bike, as different children will learn at different ages. However, a good starting point is usually around ages 3 to 5. During this time, they should have developed enough motor skills to operate the functions of a bike properly.

Before you get them on a bike, you should teach them the importance of safety and always wearing a helmet. Also, be sure they understand to never go out in the road. Keep your bicycling training to the driveway, yard, church parking lot, or school parking lot.

When your child first gets on a bike, you should place training wheels on their bike. To correctly use them, don’t allow both of the training wheels to completely touch the ground when idle. This is a common mistake many parents make. If you allow them both to touch the ground, then your child wont learn any balancing skills and they may become stuck when riding on uneven terrain. Instead, allow 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch space from the ground on both wheels.

Getting Rid of The Training Wheels

Most children pick up to riding bikes pretty quickly when using a training wheels. Although, it’s a whole different ball game when you take those wheels off. No longer do they have that safety netting holding them up. If they fall, they’re liking to hit the ground.

When you first remove those training wheels, hold the bike up for your child and allow them to get on. It’s going to be your words of encouragement and training that will give them the confidence to ride without the needing training wheels. Tell your child that in order to stay up, they have to keep peddling and control the bike with the handlebars. Don’t hold their bike as they rike, but instead walk along the side of them so you can catch them.

Like the old saying goes, when you fall off your bike you have to get back on and try again. Your child will have some falls while they’re learning the ropes of biking. To help dampen the impact of their falls, you should dress your child in long sleeve shirts and jeans, and you may want to use elbow and knee pads as well.