Installing Bike Racks For Cars

There are plenty of people who enjoy bike riding. They will drive a long way to get to the perfect bike trail. The scenery, the air in their face, the companionship of other bike-riders is what they love. But you just can’t toss the bicycle into your back seat. So how do you get those bike racks for cars installed? The most common option and best place for this is the trunk of your car, because you will be able to remove the rack when it’s not in use.

The mounting of these bike racks for cars will vary depending on the type of rack you want to install and the type of vehicle you want to use to carry your bikes. The whole idea is to have a snug a fit with as little clattering as possible. And this is with the rack on the roof of the car, on the trunk or in a truck bed. If it is too loose, then you run the risk of not only scratching up your paint job, but also losing the bike and rack.

If you are using a hitch mount because you want your bicycle to be away from the vehicle all together, you might want to consider getting a hitch extender. This will help keep the bike away from the rear of the vehicle; there will even be room for a spare tire. Most bike racks for cars use a hitch or an extra cradle if you want to carry two bikes. If it rattles too much use a hitch stabilizer that fits over both the rack and receiver.

If you have a mountain bike or a different shaped frame that is found in women’s bikes, you will probably need to get a conversion bar, which is for abnormally shaped bicycle frames. It is quite an easy task to install your bike rack. Just follow the instructions so that your car and your rack will not be harmed. If you plan on using it all the time you will want to spend the money on good quality bike racks for cars.