Which Type of Biking Apparel Should I Wear?

One of the questions many beginners ask when biking is “Which type of apparel should I wear?” Wearing the wrong types of clothes will not be uncomfortable, but it’s dangerous as well. If you need help choosing suitable biking apparel, you should take note of what I’m about to tell you.

Identify Your Style of Biking

Professional bikers require clothes that actually improve their performance and speed. If you plan on competing against others in bike races, then you may want to opt for high-end biking apparel to stay ahead of the rest. On the other hand, if your style of biking is mainly for recreational purposes, then you don’t have to put as much thought into what you wear.

Avoid Loose-Fitting Clothes

The most important part in choosing your biking clothes is to avoid shirts and pants which are loose-fitting. As a kid, you could probably get away with wearing such clothes, but now that you’re a grown adult, you have to avoid loose-fitting clothes. Not only will they get limit your maneuverability, but they can get caught in branches and other obstacles as you bike.

In addition, you should also double-knot your shoelaces. I know, this is something that seems like common sense, but this is a very important step in preparing yourself for biking. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that a shoelace can cause you to fall of your bike and injure yourself.  If your shoelace becomes untied and gets caught in the spokes of your bike, it can send you flying to the ground.

Jersey Shirts

While a fitted t-shirt is usually just fine for most bikers, you should consider wearing a jersey shirt. The material used for these wick the moisture away from your body, as opposed to absorbing it. When you get hot, just pull out your water bottle and squirt a little over your neck to instantly cool yourself off. I find jersey shirts cool me off much easier than sweat-drenched cotton.


Most professional riders choose to wear spandex shorts which offer them greater maneuverability and resistence to moisture. These are really the ideal choice of shorts to wear for bikers, but regular cotton shorts can work as well. Just be sure they aren’t too loose or baggy.

Protect Yourself

A lot of male bikers forget about the importance of wearing a cup. There’s not as much physical contact in biking as there is in football, but I still recommend protecting yourself with a cup. Having an accident in this area can be excruciatingly painful.